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How Coaching Changed My Life

In my thirty-five years of business, I spent two thirds of my years struggling to get to the top of my industry. College did not teach me how to run a business and everything I did was trial and error. I spent many hours in the day working harder and not smarter and making costly mistake after mistake. I had to learn how to run a business, manage employees, vendors and Government regulations.

One day I was approached by a business coach and he gave me a fee sixty-minute session that ended up worth millions of dollars. The first two questions he asked me was: “Where do you want to be in the next ten-years?” and “What is your plan on getting there?” While I knew where I wanted to be, the how was the challenge for me. We talked and he asked me one final question, “If I can show you the way to get there and do it by working less hours, would you be willing to make a small investment now that will give you everything you want in the future?”

I made the decision to hire this coach and my hard work and investment paid off. I no longer made costly mistakes and I focused on the things that increased my business in excess of my goals. My coach matched my hard work with the business tools he provided me and when combined together, my business took off. I was once in your shoes and I know how hard it is to run a business. I reached the top and today I have made the decision to help others achieve their success.

If you are ready to experience the same results as i did , and as many of my clients did, I’d like to invite you to take a complimentary session where together we can discuss your goals and vision for the future of your business.

Frederick W. Serra


My Business career started in the Insurance industry. I built my business strategically by looking at where I wanted to be in three, five and ten years out. I evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and determined my unique selling position. Why would people want to buy from me, what would make me different? I visualized my plan in January each year and developed key performance indicators where I could quickly look at my outcomes and chart my results each month throughout the year.

If I looked at my thirty-five years of business from a distance, a line chart would show a sharp upward progression over my entire career leading to great success. However, If I were to magnify this chart, it would show thirty-five years of ups and downs. This is called change. Change in industry regulations, business practices, competition and a million other factors. It required me to re-invent, re-think and re-tool. Change created opportunity!

I spent my early career working hard but not smart. Making mistake after mistake as my college degree did not offer a blueprint and a toolbox to start and operate a successful business. I spent thirty-five years mastering operations, sales and marketing, people and processes. Once I put all the pieces together, I looked to exponentially boost the value of my company by acquiring other companies that had a synergistic fit with my operation where I could cross sell my clients on their products and theirs on mine. This was considered my growth years and where I learned the old phrase that the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. I like to think of it as one plus one equals three.

Over the last decade, I acquired nineteen companies and went from ten employees to over fifty and built a multi- million-dollar company. I took calculated risks by selecting the right companies and equally as important, hiring the right people to manage product lines, support and administration which allowed me to continue to build. Always planning, monitoring and adapting.

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