Increase Service Support While Reducing Payroll Cost by 70%

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Last week, I had the daunting task of calling the utility company about an incorrect bill. A call I was not looking forward to. I was instantly greeted with a voice message “Due to a longer than normal volume of calls, we have an extended waiting time. The expected wait time is 52 minutes.” The week before, it was the internet provider which had an extended waiting period of 44 minutes. Can you relate to this?

As we all know Service is not what it was years ago. Today, very few companies take client calls or get back to them quickly. For business owners, this is the number one reason for losing clients. If we look at the reasons or causes for this, it is clear to see that we have had a staffing shortage over the past two years. However, even without the staffing shortage, companies have been struggling with increased payroll and benefits costs which have led to an overall higher cost to do business.

So, if the number one reason for a client leaving is due to poor service, why not turn it around and make it the number one reason why they buy from you? Business relationships can be fragile, but trust is built by having your service team consistently taking calls and helping your clients with fast and accurate support.

I know what you are thinking, “With all the increased staffing costs and higher labor shortage, how can I afford to increase my service payroll?”

The Entrepreneur LLC has the solution. We have a proven method to free up your current CSRs from mindless, repetitive, and time-consuming back-office tasks. By doing so, your CSR’s have time to take on more clients and do what you want them to do–talk with clients, build relationships, and cross-sell other products or services. We do this with our Global Workforce Staffing program.

With the Entrepreneur Global Workforce Staffing Program, we could make it happen. Why have your highly paid CSR ‘s doing $10 an hour task work? We place highly effective, intelligent, and hard-working virtual assistants from the Philippines on your team. You can have your virtual assistant do all the back-office tasks removing the tedious and time-consuming work that should CSR’s currently do which is preventing them from talking with customers.

Our virtual assistants work your business hours, participate in your team meetings, speak fluent English, have high IQs and are very loyal. In addition, our solutions are almost 70% less than what you are paying for the services right now. Our services are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Give us a call today and I will show you how to wow your customers with the amazing service that they are looking for. We place the right people in the right position doing the right tasks. Make yourself different while improving your profitability. Contact us for a consultation or book a call today.

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