What Our Clients Say


I tried to work with offshore Virtual assistant workers on my own in the past, but I had a difficult time finding qualified candidates. I spent a lot of time searching and finding the perfect worker only to lose them in a month. I spent hours communicating, managing, paying them which took a lot of time away from running my business. I gave up trying until I met Fred and his Entrepreneur team. Fred is easy to deal with. His team understands what we go through as business owners based on his experience, I hired the Entrepreneur LLC in early 2022 and I found that there was so much more to the global staffing process and there was a major advantage when done properly. The Entrepreneur does everything from sourcing to onboarding, managing, and paying the VA’s. I see them as my HR team as they have dedicated staff that does all the work for me. I work with my VA as I do with another US employee and the Entrepreneur LLC does everything else. The great thing is that each week we get detailed reports of our VA’s productivity where they survey the VA’s and my supervisors to make sure everyone is happy. Where I once had difficulty finding one VA to work with, Fred and his Entrepreneur team has placed four for us. I highly recommend them based on their service quality.
Solid support and great and loyal workers- the best. We are planning on hiring another VA very soon
New Jersey
I struggled with the concept of offshore workers. I am a US bases sales and service organization. I had a hard time filling important positions prior to the pandemic and following it, it was next to impossible to find workers that wanted to do the day-to-day busy work. As the president of my company, I found myself doing these very busy tasks just to provide customer support. I was referred to the Entrepreneur from a vender. I quickly learned that there was a better way. I also learned that hiring back-office workers from the Philippines is not “un-patriotic”. I have not displaced any of my US workers. In fact, I hired two more. The Virtual Assistants we hire with the Entrepreneur are back-office support. They do all the busy and time-consuming work that overwhelms our service team. Today, I have several VA’s that support my CSR’s. They are less stressed as they consider their VA as assistants. More importantly, I was able to have my CSR’s do two times the amount of work and focus on talking to customers and building relationships. My VAs are like family. They speak fluent English, and they are in communication every day with my team. The VA’s have saved me a lot of money and increased overall employee satisfaction. I rely on the Entrepreneur weekly survey reports that show me the how my staff feels about their VA and how the VA feels about my staff. This is a great company and they have it figured out. Highly recommend!
I recall receiving an email from the Entrepreneur LLC. I was a bit skeptical about saving 70% on my payroll costs. However, after dozens of no shows on Indeed and other posting boards, I was struggling with growth only because I could not manage the service. My business is all about recurring revenue and while I have no problem selling my insurance products, it was servicing them that stopped me from growing fast. I did my research on the Entrepreneur LLC and a few calls and zooms with the owner, Fred Serra. I called for references from his current clients and found them to be very reputable. I wanted to make sure if I was having his VA’s work with my clients that they were smart, hardworking, loyal and being from another country, they had to speak fluent English. Everything check out and Fred explained to me that they were ISO 9001 2015 certified, and their technology partners was ISO 27001 certified, and they stood behind their process with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I felt comfortable enough to try it as my current employee recruitment options were a waste of time. I have to say after working with Fred for six months, this was the best thing I could do for me and my company. He states that the savings is 70% and I have found this to be true. However, when I take into consideration that my CSR’s can do two times the amount of work, the savings are even more significant. This boosted my gross revenue by 23% which delivered a strong net profit. I would recommend the Entrepreneur Global Staffing as they deliver results!
Hartford CT
We have been working for over a year now with The Entrepreneur LCC's VAs, and it has been a great experience so far. My partner and I had some hesitations at first. We weren't sure how the communication would be or how productive the VA would be because they are working remotely. However, none of that has been an issue. The communication and productivity have been tremendous. We have increased our profit margins by 15 to 20% by hiring VAs instead of W2 employees in the US. We plan on using this method more and more as we grow. Highly recommend working with Fred and his team as they are all great to work with
New Haven CT
I have worked with Fred Serra and The Entrepreneur for three years now as a business coach. One of the exceptional services Fred offered was bringing global staffing into our company. Like most agencies, we have had difficulty finding workers that had knowledge of the insurance industry and that wanted to work. Fred provides the highest quality and experienced virtual assistance from the Philippines. His team performs the back- office time consuming work which allows my service team to talk with customers, build relationships and cross sell.  Fred’s virtual assistants speak fluent English and they are very smart.  They provide support to our customer service reps and account managers as well as our sales team. Our Virtual assistants attend daily meetings, work during our office hours and are available throughout the workday.  The refreshing thing is that since they speak fluent English we can easily talk and communicate with them.  Initially, I was concerned about using support staff from another country, but Fred has found a way to make it safe, secure, as well as performing significant oversight to manage the process which makes my life easier, reduces my payroll expense while growing my business significantly. If you are looking for help, I would highly recommend Fred and his team.
MP, CPCU - President
New Haven CT

What Our VA's Say

I am very privileged to work with The Entrepreneur LLC as they help me with my character and career growth. With the guidance of the people in the company, I discovered that I can and am capable of doing the things I thought I couldn't do at first. Some of the company's unique features are setting goals and stating our purpose as proofreaders. The company’s personnel are exceptionally skilled and committed, and the corporate culture emphasizes cooperation and creativity. I am continually pleased by the degree of quality and attention the company puts into everything it produces. I feel valued as a team member and am proud to be associated with such a great company. I am thrilled and delighted to be part of the proofreading team and The Entrepreneur LLC considering that they are on their all out to help, guide, and encourage me to what I perceive I could be in the coming years. The company's reliability amid my discovery and furtherance of talent keeps me going. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a dynamic and rewarding work experience.
FJDC – Proofreader
To start with, I'm quite grateful for the chance to work for this company. I learned a lot about collaboration and communication. Everyone in charge of the operations is friendly, considerate, and professional. I also commend Fred and Lisa for how well they treat their employees, how they inspire us before the workday even begins, and how they consistently show their gratitude for our time and effort. Never before in my life have I felt more appreciated by my excellent coworkers and supervisors. I hope The Entrepreneur LLC will continue to mentor and value both the current and incoming new hires. More power to this outstanding company!
MKC - Proofreader
"I have been working with the Entrepreneur LLC for some time now, and I couldn't be happier. They are incredibly professional, responsive, and efficient. They always go above and beyond to ensure that my needs are met and that I am satisfied with the work. The team is made up of talented individuals who are experts in their field, and it is a pleasure to work with them. They are always available to answer any questions I may have and provide guidance when needed. The Entrepreneur LLC has a great system in place for communication and project management, which makes working with them seamless and stress-free. I highly recommend the company to anyone looking for top-notch freelancers and a great working experience."
AL - Proofreader